Thursday, January 9, 2014

victory is mine II

by the grace of God, something amazing happened last night.  it was time for my shot of Humira, and I had been praying all day that God would give me the strength to just take it.  no tears, no theatrics, no drama.  just take it.  John and I had gone out for a spur of the moment date night (such a blessing) and were now home sitting on the couch watching some of our favorite recording programs.  I had the ice pack on my leg for about 15 minutes in preparation, and then it was time.  I had told John about my goal earlier in the day to take the shot silently, and he was obviously on board.  without many words, he went through the steps of preparing my leg and the Humira pen and then he just did it.  did it hurt?  sure did.  but I felt this calmness about it.  and a strong sense of pride.  somehow my attention always goes back to myself.  classic.  still learning.

I know I'm tooting my horn a lot these days, but all glory must go to my Father in heaven.  He is the one who equips me to walk through the dark and difficult times and He is the one ordaining all these things for my good and, most importantly, His glory.  it's amazing, isn't it?

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